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Do you want to get involved and make an impact whilst on vacation?

We can help you find a meaningful project to participate in whilst here in Costa Rica.

We work with several ethical projects to emsure that you time, and input are appreciated and put to good use, not just as an observer.

Childrens Home - San Jose area ( criminal background check requested)

Sea Turtle Conservation projects

Organic Farms

Local cooperatives

Animal Rescue

Teaching English

There are no shortage of projects to get involved in here in Costa Rica.

We offer 1 , 2 or 3 week trips on scientific research projects with Sea Turtles. (we do not support animal tourism "projects")

We also have reforestation proyects, trail maintenance and organic farming - there is so much we can do to help out in the environment!

Please contact us for prices and information. 

Minimum participation may be required.

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